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Wireless penetration testing

Wireless: the most vulnerable part of the network infrastructure

The introduction of wireless networks into business environments presents a much easier exploitation path for attackers that are either much more difficult or completely impossible to execute with a standard, wired network.

Wireless networks are everywhere. Employing a wireless solution can offer greater flexibility, but it comes with greater potential for attack as it expands your organisation’s logical perimeter. From rogue access points to weak encryption algorithms, threats to wireless networks are unique and the risks can be significant.

It can be particularly hard to prevent determined attackers from installing a rogue wireless access point on your network without your knowledge. A wireless local area network (WLAN) penetration test can therefore be helpful in determining vulnerable access points in your environment.

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Companies using our penetration testing services:


“IT Governance has always been very realistic, very helpful and will work on the problems we face in a no-nonsense way.”

Ian Kilpatrick, group information security officer at Collinson Group


The Wi-Fi threat presented by criminal hackers

Criminal hackers use rogue access points as a simple way of gaining access into business systems to capture sensitive data.

Attackers can snoop on Internet traffic using a bogus wireless access point. Fake access points can be set up by configuring a wireless card to act as an access point. They are hard to trace, since they can be shut off instantly. The counterfeit access point may be given the same SSID and BSSID as a nearby Wi-Fi network.

Wireless network traffic can then be easily recorded. Criminal hackers can gather proprietary information, logins, passwords, intranet server addresses, and valid network and station addresses. They can steal Internet bandwidth, transmit spam, or use your network as a springboard to attack others. They can capture and modify traffic to masquerade as you, with financial or legal consequences.


Why choose IT Governance for a penetration test

We are pioneers in offering easy-to-understand and quick-to-buy penetration testing.

You can choose the level of penetration test to meet your budget and technical requirements.

We provide clear reports that can be understood by engineering and management teams alike.

CREST-accredited penetration testing services give you all the technical assurance you need.

Reduce costs and get accurate results with IT Governance’s expert testing

IT Governance’s wireless penetration test service provides one of our industry-certified penetration testers to conduct a thorough technical test of your organisation’s Wi-Fi network, identifying vulnerabilities and how they can be exploited to extract data or take control of your infrastructure.

IT Governance’s wireless penetration testing methodology is built upon the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM) – an established methodology to test network security and compliance.


Choose which test you need

We offer two levels of penetration test to meet your budget and technical requirements:

Level 1

  • Identifies the vulnerabilities that leave your IT exposed.
  • Combines a series of manual assessments with automated scans, as our team assesses the vulnerability of your network.
  • Allows you to evaluate your security posture and make more accurate budgetary decisions.

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Level 2

  • Attempts to exploit the identified vulnerabilities to see whether it’s possible to access your assets and resources.
  • Provides a more thorough assessment of your security posture, which enables you to make more accurate decisions about investing in securing your business-critical systems.

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