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Cyber Essentials Packaged Solutions


IT Governance’s fixed-price solutions can help you achieve certification to either Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus at a pace and for a budget that suits you.

All Cyber Essentials certifications are managed through our CyberComply online portal. This is a unique online service that enables companies to follow a convenient do-it-yourself approach, including managing and tracking the certification process.


*All of our packages include an external vulnerability scan that covers up to 16 IP addresses.

Please view the individual product pages for further details about specific testing requirements and conditions.

Alternatively, email us or call 00 800 48 484 484 for a custom quote.


Which package should you choose?


Do It Yourself

This solution is for organisations that have knowledge of all five security controls and are comfortable carrying out all of the preparation for certification. With this solution, you submit the self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) and undertake the assessments once you are ready for certification.

Get A Little Help

We recommend this solution for organisations that are confident they have the skills to achieve Cyber Essentials certification, but are unsure of their scope and do not fully understand the five controls.

Get A Lot Of Help

This solution is for organisations with little or no knowledge of the five controls, as well as those that do not know their scope or the IP range that should be tested. We also recommend this solution for large organisations with complex organisational structures.