Cyber Essentials repeat testing and assessment fees


If you have not passed your initial assessment

The process of retaking the assessment varies depending on the certification body you have selected for Cyber Essentials certification. Most certification bodies will let you retake the test, but the majority will charge the same price as the original assessment.


Here at IT Governance, we offer you a reduction on the full price when retaking your assessment.

With us, if your Cyber Essentials certification application is unsuccessful the first time, you can reapply at a fraction of the original price if rescans are conducted within two weeks of a ‘fail’ notification.


What can you do if you do not repeat your assessment within the required two-week period?

You will have to apply for recertification and will be billed for the full recertification cost. The costs of repeat tests, assessments and recertification are outlined below.

Costs exclude any additional consultant expenses such as on-site visits, where required.


If the application process is repeated within two weeks of a ‘fail’ notification:

Cyber Essentials

  • Cost of rescan: €120 (per batch of up to 16 IP addresses)*
  • Cost of resubmitting questionnaire: €120

* In the event of a failed test, all IP addresses within the scope will need to be scanned again. This is because the tests provide a snapshot of security practices and all IP addresses are required to pass at the same time.


Cyber Essentials Plus

  • Cost of rescan: €120
  • Cost of resubmitting questionnaire: €120
  • Cost of internal scan: €1.140, plus expenses
  • Cost of additional consultancy: to be advised


If the application process is repeated after two weeks of a ‘fail’ notification:

Cyber Essentials

  • Recertification with the Portal: €353
  • Manual recertification: €473

Cyber Essentials Plus

  • Recertification with the Portal: €1.469
  • Manual recertification: €1.589


Please note:

The above costs are based on a fixed scope as outlined in the product descriptions for Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. Any deviation from this scope will incur additional expenses and can be discussed in advance.

If your external vulnerability scans have delivered a ‘fail’ result, you can purchase repeat scans here.

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