EU businesses urged to get cyber secure as EC report highlights growing cyber crime concerns


IT Governance, the leading global provider of fixed-price cyber security solutions, urges EU businesses to get cyber secure, amid growing concerns about cyber security expressed by EU citizens.

According to a new report from the European Commission, EU Internet users are becoming increasingly concerned about online security: 42% worry about the misuse of their personal data (an annual increase of 6%) and 42% about the security of online payments (up 7%). Around two thirds of EU Internet users are worried about identity theft (an increase of 16 percentage points on last year’s figures).

Meanwhile, a report from FireEye has found that the majority of EU businesses are unprepared for the forthcoming GDPR and NIS Directive, and a third do not understand their impact. Organisations neglecting to prepare for the new legislation – expected to be finalised this year and enforced from 2017 – aren’t leaving themselves enough time.

Alan Calder, founder and chief executive of IT Governance, says: “EU organisations should take steps now to get cyber secure by implementing an information security management system (ISMS) – an enterprise-wide approach to data security that encompasses people, processes and technology, as set out in the international cybersecurity standard ISO 27001.

“ISO 27001’s risk-based approach enables organisations to implement cyber security best practices based on the risks they actually face, and by certifying their ISMS to ISO 27001, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to cyber security to their stakeholders.”

Thanks to IT Governance’s fixed-price ISO 27001 Packaged Solutions, EU organisations can now take advantage of expert ISO 27001 consultancy to implement the Standard for as little as €11.295,00.

With its unique combination of standards, books, toolkits, software, online training and online consultancy, IT Governance’s Get A Lot Of Help package provides EU organisations with all they need to implement the Standard and ensure their cyber security.

Alternatively, organisations can call IT Governance on 00 800 48 484 484 or email for more information on how IT Governance can help protect their information security.

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