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ISO/IEC 5339:2024 Standard

ISO/IEC 5339:2024 Standard

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Published: 15 Jan 2024
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Navigate the complexities of AI applications with ISO/IEC 5339:2024

The ISO/IEC 5339 standard plays a pivotal role in tackling the challenges associated with AI (artificial intelligence) applications, such as trustworthiness and risk management. By encouraging stakeholder engagement throughout the AI system lifecycle, the Standard fosters responsible AI development and implementation, ensuring alignment with ethical standards.

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AI systems have the potential to create incremental changes and achieve new levels of performance and capability in domains such as agriculture, transportation, fintech, education, healthcare, and more. However, the risks related to trustworthiness can impact AI implementations and their acceptance.

ISO 5339 provides guidance on AI applications, emphasising multi-stakeholder communication and acceptance by offering a framework that includes the creation, use and impact of AI systems.

By encouraging stakeholder engagement, ISO/IEC 5339 fosters a collaborative approach to AI development and implementation, promoting responsible practices aligned with ethical standards. The Standard is crucial for addressing the unique challenges of AI applications.

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