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Cyber Essentials – A Pocket Guide

Cyber Essentials – A Pocket Guide

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Format: Softcover
ISBN13: 9781849286886
Pages: 60
Published: 14 Aug 2014
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  • Non-technical explanation of Cyber Essentials, making it easy for anyone to understand the scheme and how to meet its requirements.
  • Manual fully reflecting official advice and written by a CREST-accredited Cyber Essentials certification body, boosting your chances of successful compliance.
  • Published at an exceptional price for an outstanding return on investment.

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Protect your business with Cyber Essentials

Every year, thousands of computer systems in the UK are compromised. The majority fall victim to easily preventable cyber attacks, carried out with tools that are freely available on the Internet. Cyber Essentials is the UK Government's reaction to the proliferation of these attacks. It requires that organisations put basic security measures in place, enabling them to reliably counter the most common tactics employed by cyber criminals.

Ensure access to government contracts

From 1 October 2014, all suppliers bidding for a range of government ICT contracts – in particular contracts requiring the handling of sensitive and personal information – must be certified to the scheme.


Introduction; Part 1 – Requirements for basic technical protection from cyber attacks; Part 2 – Assurance Framework; Part 3 – Further Assistance

Cyber Essentials – A Pocket Guide
will help you to:

  • understand the requirements of the scheme;
  • implement the controls correctly;
  • realise when you are ready to seek certification;
  • get a grip on both the certification process and the distinction between Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus;
  • find additional help and resources.

Cyber Essentials certification will provide numerous benefits, including the opportunity to tender for business where certification to the scheme may be a prerequisite, reducing insurance premiums, and helping to improve investor and customer confidence.

This pocket guide explains how to achieve certification to Cyber Essentials in a fast, effective and cost-effective manner.

About the Author

Alan Calder is the Founder and Executive Chairman of IT Governance Ltd, an information, advice and consultancy firm that helps company boards tackle IT governance, risk management, compliance and information security issues. He has many years of senior management experience in the private and public sectors.

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