Training Aids

What are training aids?

Training aids convey complex messages and ideas in a way that allows non-technical staff to grasp them more easily. They are an excellent tool for getting general staff involved in discussing and understanding the complex issues affecting their work – and to do so in a low impact, low pressure, fun way.

IT Governance designs and sells training aids to help organisations teach/learn about critical IT issues including cybersecurity, information security and data protection.

The ISMS Card Game

This card game gives staff an opportunity to identify what might be practical solutions to common organisational information security challenges. Designed with ISO 27001 in mind, it helps staff identify the key elements at the base of an information security management system (ISMS), and teach them how to manage the critical issues that they may face when implementing it.

Cards can be used in a variety of learning environments, including formal training sessions, lunchtime sessions, either in a group (as team vs. team) or on an individual basis. They also function as a normal deck of playing cards.

Information Security Posters and Data Protection Awareness Posters

These posters are designed to be used as part of a general information security education and awareness initiative inside security-conscious organisations and all organisations pursuing ISO 27001 certification (which requires a staff training and awareness plan) or, Data Protection Act compliance.

These thought-provoking posters are an ideal resource an office reception, back office, server room(s) or anywhere where your staff can – and should – be reminded about information security and data protection.

Phishing Awareness Posters

Educate your staff on the steps they can take to prevent falling victim to a phishing attack. Encourage your staff to be alert, vigilant and secure when using the Internet or email in the workplace.

These posters focus on the following issues:

  • Even a seemingly friendly email, text or social media message can be a phishing threat.
  • The business impact of falling victim to a phishing attack.
  • How to prevent falling victim to a phishing attack.
  • How to spot a phishing threat.
  • The types of phishing attacks to be aware of.

Data Protection Awareness Posters


Support your Data Protection Awareness initiative with these thought-provoking posters. An ideal resource to display around your office reminds staff about data protection.

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