Free download: Conducting a Data Flow Mapping Exercise Under the GDPR

Data flow mapping is a key step once an organisation has carried out its overall gap analysis. With this analysis, an organisation can discover where its gaps are and the steps that need to be taken to identify what data it has and where it is flowing.

An organisation needs to be aware of what personal data it is processing, and it needs to know that the data is being processed in accordance with the law. Organisations often process much more data than they realise, which is why it is vital that they perform mapping exercises.

This free green paper from IT Governance will help you understand how to effectively map your data and the importance of keeping track of it all.


  • Why data flow mapping is important for the new GDPR;
  • The key elements of a data flow map;
  • Data flow mapping techniques;
  • The challenges of data flow mapping; and
  • The steps in a data flow audit.
Conducting a Data Flow Mapping Exercise Under the GDPR


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