Customised Staff Awareness E-learning Courses

As well as our off-the-shelf e-learning courses, we offer customised staff awareness e-learning courses. For more complex organisations that need an even greater level of control over course content, we also provide a fully bespoke service.

Off-the-shelf customisation

Our standard off-the-shelf options allow clients to administer, brand, manage and report on their own LMS area. This includes the following features:

  • Hosting

    All hosted client courses will be hosted on our LMS. Each client will be given their own space, which can be branded with their logo and company colours.

  • Additions

    The e-learning course files hosted on our LMS will be the same for all clients, and each client will have a space in the course layout to add any extra information they need, such as documents, links and contact details.

  • Branding

    Courses hosted on our LMS will be brand-agnostic. The LMS itself will have the default GRC eLearning branding, which can be edited by the administrator in an organisation.

  • Updates

    We will maintain e-learning courses hosted on our LMS, and updates will be rolled out to all hosted clients.

If you choose to host our e-learning course on your own LMS, you will receive the standard, unbranded e-learning and assessment files. However, you will not receive any updates and will need to purchase the course again for the latest content.


Our Customised+ option gives you a quick, clear and flexible way of personalising e-learning course content. In order to do this, you must provide any content you want added. This will result in a brand-new version of the course tailored to your organisation, which will not be maintained irrespective of where it is hosted. Updates to your course will be subject to additional fees.

If you need a subject matter expert to provide additional content and/or any customisation that results in changes to 50% or more of the course content, we will class this as a bespoke project.

LMS hosting options

We offer two different LMS hosting options for any course:

  • Hosted in and delivered from GRC eLearning’s online e-learning environment. Staff can simply log onto the selected training courses and the nominated administrator can access online reports.
  • Deployed and delivered from your own LMS. All courses are SCORM 1.2- and AICC-compliant.

Available on your own LMS

Available on our LMS

Company branding
Administrator training/on-boarding
Tailored content
Upload of policies/documents ✔*
Administrator Support Service ✔**
Off-the-shelf courses
Customised+ courses
Bespoke courses

* Dependent on your LMS system capabilities; please consult your LMS administration team.

** Administrator Support Service is subject to an additional annual fee that includes user support, reporting, updates and general LMS housekeeping.

Multiple course discount

We offer a 5% discount for each additional course purchased. Receive a 10% discount if you purchase two additional courses, a 15% discount if you purchase three additional courses and a 20% discount if you purchase four additional courses.

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