Panel discussion: How to navigate penetration testing – Insights from security testers

In the face of ever-increasing threats to our security, conducting regular penetration testing has become essential to ensure systems and data are secure. With so many critical systems and assets to consider, and the increasing number of threats, it can be difficult to know where to start.

To help you address this challenge, IT Governance’s panel of industry experts will provide valuable insight and guidance. They will share their experiences and knowledge, providing actionable recommendations to help you improve your organisation’s security posture.

Panel Agenda

  • The critical systems and assets that organisations should prioritise for penetration testing;
  • The key steps involved in a successful engagement;
  • Strategies to maximise the value of penetration testing results; and
  • Common misconceptions and limitations when conducting penetration testing.

Whether you’re new to it or looking to enhance your existing practices, this panel discussion will give you the knowledge and advice you need to approach penetration testing effectively.

Hosted by

Adam Seamons
Information Security Manager, GRC International Group


James Pickard
Head of Security Testing, IT Governance


Joshua Holding
Senior Pentration Tester, IT Governance


Ross Higgins
Penetration Tester, IT Governance