IT Governance Staff Awareness E-Learning Courses

Developed by experts, our staff awareness training courses have been designed to give your staff the knowledge they need to protect your organisation’s data while performing their roles, in compliance with relevant standards, laws and cyber security best practices.

Improve your security with staff awareness e-learning courses

Ensuring that your employees are up to date with compliance requirements is time-consuming and can be costly, especially for larger organisations. That is why we have developed simple-to-use yet effective e-learning staff awareness courses, which offer a hassle-free and cost-effective training solution. 

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Our courses are available in a wide range of topics including:

The benefits of e-learning courses

Encourage best practice

Our cost-effective e-learning courses encourage best practice and help staff develop good habits in order to help you achieve and maintain your accreditation's and regulatory compliance.

Cost effective

E-learning allows you to deliver cost-effective training to a large number of people. No accommodation or travel is required - all you need to attend is an internet connection and your computer.

 Simplified learning

Complex concepts are simplified, making it easier for staff to understand. Staff can learn at their own pace, working around existing workloads, rereading areas they didn’t understand the first time around, or skipping parts they already know.

Expert content

The course content is developed by experts and our courses are focused on cyber security and compliance with Regulations or standards. You can trust the course content to be accurate and to educate staff effectively on each topic.

Customisation to suit your organisation

Our courses are available off-the-shelf, customised (up to 50% content change according to your needs) or we can develop a bespoke staff awareness course for you.

Simple assessment and certification

Multiple-choice test to assess the understanding of the topic and awards a printable certificate when the test is passed. Staff can retake the test until they pass.

Multiple hosting options

By default, the course will be hosted on our LMS which can be customised with your branding and has a dedicated Wiki area for you to add relevant documentation. However, all of our courseware is SCORM1.2 compliant and can therefore be hosted on your own LMS.

Easy supervision

Easily monitor your staff’s progress by logging into your dashboard. You can also track participation and test results to demonstrate compliance should you be audited.


Discover our range of staff awareness e-learning courses

Reinforce the importance of cyber security and data protection with our bestselling staff awareness e-learning courses.

The complete e-learning suite

Complete Staff Awareness E-learning Suite

Save up to €105 per user when you purchase the Complete Staff Awareness E-learning Suite. Receive year-long access to all eight of our staff awareness courses, at just double the cost of one course. You’ll also receive any course updates and additional courses added to our portfolio throughout the year. 

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GDPR staff awareness e-learning course

GDPR Staff Awareness 

This course aims to provide a complete foundation on the principles, roles, responsibilities and processes under the GDPR to all non-technical staff, reducing your organisation’s risk of non-compliance. 

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GDPR Challenge E-learning Game

GDPR Challenge
E-learning Game

Embed GDPR knowledge fast and effectively with this fun and interactive GDPR refresher game, covering five essential GDPR compliance areas.  Challenge your staff to solve typical GDPR questions across a range of business scenarios and industries. 

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GDPR: Email misuse e-learning course

GDPR: Email misuse staff awareness

This course aims to educate employees on the risks and consequences of misusing the Cc and Bcc fields when emailing, and teaches users how to communicate securely and legally with large numbers of people.

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Information security & ISO 27001 e-learning course

Information security &
ISO 27001 staff awareness

This e-learning course enables employees to gain a better understanding of information security risks and compliance requirements in line with ISO 27001:2013, thereby reducing the organisation’s exposure to security threats.

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Information security & cyber security e-learning course

Cyber security staff awareness

The course aims to reduce human error and improve vigilance when using technology, by familiarising non-technical staff with information security and cyber security awareness policies and procedures.

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PCI DSS e-learning course

PCI DSS staff awareness

This course is designed to increase employees’ awareness of PCI DSS requirements, and to provide clear and simple explanations of what companies and individual employees must do to meet the requirements of the current version of the Standard.

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Phishing e-learning course

Phishing staff awareness

This course will help you and your team understand how phishing attacks work, the tactics that cyber criminals employ, and how to spot and avoid phishing campaigns.

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Social media e-learning course

Social media staff awareness

This course will helps learners understand the importance of secure social media use, both in a private and professional context, and equips them with knowledge of best practice so they can recognise and avoid common risks associated with social media.

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Key features of IT Governance e-learning courses

Each course:

  • Can be started, stopped and resumed at any time; 
  • Uses non-technical language, making them easily comprehensible to non-technical staff; 
  • Includes relevant definitions, specific security and compliance requirements, compliance-specific terminology, examples of procedures and policies, real-life examples, case studies, optional questions, and feedback; 
  • Includes a final multiple-choice test to assess the understanding of the topic, and awards printable certificate when the test is passed; 
  • Allows staff to retake the test until they pass. 

Bespoke e-learning programme 

If your organisation needs to tackle a particular topic not covered by our standard e-learning courses, or if you require a more personalised experience, we are able to create bespoke e-learning courses to cater to your needs. Speak to a member of our team for more information or to request a tailored quote.

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