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FastTrack ISO 27001 Consultancy

Does your organisation need ISO 27001 certification fast?

Designed for small organisations with 19 employees or fewer, our FastTrack ISO27001 Consultancy Service will have you ready for UKAS accredited certification to ISO27001:2013 in just three months for a one off fee of £5,000 (+VAT).

Call us on 0845 070 1750 or email us to discuss our FastTrack ISO27001 Consultancy Service.

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Who is the ISO27001 FastTrack Service for?

Email us or telephone +44 (0)845 070 1750 to find out if you qualify for our £5,000 fixed price service. We can send you a price quotation, take your order and book in a start date within hours so that you will be confident of achieving ISO 27001 certification within your chosen timescale.

Our ISO27001 FastTrack consultancy service is also available as an online service. Delivered over the same three-month time period, ISO27001 FastTrack Online allows any small organisation in the world to deploy our expertise and achieve ISO27001 certification.

Whatever the size of your organisation, the complexity of your IT setup or the number of sites covered, we can help to accelerate your progress towards accredited ISO 27001 certification, saving you time and money. Contact our advisers to request a price quotation and project timescale.

You can read more about the IT Governance ISO 27001 Consultancy Service here: ISO 27001 Consultancy >>

Why choose our ISO 27001 FastTrack service?

The FastTrack ISO27001 Consultancy Service makes certification easy for you, at a low cost and high speed, and with minimal disruption. This unique service removes the need for your organisation to invest significant time, money and effort in researching and acquiring the skill-set necessary to do this all on your own.

  • From inception to completion of your ISO27001 project, IT Governance will guide your organisation toward successful certification, utilising an implementation approach and methodology which is realistic, proven and straightforward.
  • A clear chronological plan is implemented from the outset outlining what and who is involved at each stage, so resources can be attributed appropriately.
  • Carefully mapped site visits maximise consultant data gathering and ensure your staff are available at key dates so that progress is not jeopardised.

IT Governance ISO 27001 FastTrack Service delivers and includes:

  • The mandatory Information Security Risk Assessment.
  • Completion of the required Information Security Management System (ISMS) documentation.
  • An all-staff training session, enhancing the security awareness of the organisation – an essential component of any successful ISMS.
  • Facilitation of the first Management Review meeting.
  • An Internal ISMS Audit, which is undertaken before certification and which will recommend additional measures to help ensure that the certification audit is successful.
  • Selection of a UKAS-accredited certification body which is able to respond to your need for reasonably priced and rapid certification.

Ongoing support and maintenance

Smaller organisations often don't have the resources or expertise to maintain their ISMS once accredited certification has been achieved. To support the maintenance of your ISMS and ensure ongoing certification to ISO 27001 (the auditors return periodically to ensure you are still operating the system as you intended) IT Governance is able to provide continuing support in three ways:

  • ISMS maintenance – corrective and preventive actions, document updates and risk reviews.
  • Internal audit service – checking that controls in place are working as expected and advice on how they can be improved.
  • Attendance at certification audits – IT Governance will provide the lead auditee on site to answer the external auditor’s questions.

Our consultant can tell you more about our reasonably priced ISMS ongoing support services when you take advantage of the unique IT Governance FastTrack ISO 27001 Consultancy Service.

IT Governance FastTrack ISO 27001 Consultancy Service Fees

IT Governance delivers its FastTrack ISO 27001 Consultancy Service for a one-off fee of £5,000 (plus expenses at cost, and VAT) which is paid in advance. Our fees do not include the costs of UKAS-accredited certification, which are paid directly to the certification body. At IT Governance we support the integrity of the respected worldwide accredited certification process: it is a requirement of UKAS accreditation that a certification body does not provide consultancy services which it then itself certifies.

As part of our service, we will help you select a certification body whose fees will be appropriate and which can respond appropriately to your need for a rapid certification process.

ISO27001 FastTrack Consultancy is also available as an online service.

Email us or telephone +44 (0)845 070 1750 and see if our FastTrack ISO 27001 Consultancy might be the best solution for your needs.