Webinar: Mastering the ISO 27001:2022 transition for European organisations

As European organisations navigate an increasingly complex cyber threat landscape, highlighted by more than 8 billion records being breached last year, the ISO 27001:2022 standard presents a timely solution.

Tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by organisations operating within the EU, the 2022 revision of the Standard offers a strategic approach to enhancing an ISMS (information security management system). It emphasises adaptive change management and a deeper engagement with stakeholder expectations, directly addressing the need for more dynamic defences against cyber vulnerabilities.

Our webinar “Mastering the ISO 27001:2022 transition for European organisations”, delivered by Head of GRC Consultancy Europe Andrew Pattison, is specifically designed to support European businesses.

Leveraging Andrew’s profound expertise in information security within the European context, the session delves into the nuances of applying the ISO 27001:2022 revisions, and the implications for EU-based organisations.

This webinar is an indispensable resource for European organisations aiming to fortify their information security practices and navigate the transition to ISO 27001:2022 with confidence.

Webinar agenda:

We discuss:

  • The key changes introduced by the ISO 27001:2022 version and their impact on European organisations;
  • Strategies for organisations transitioning from ISO 27001:2013 to the 2022 version
  • Practical steps for European organisations planning a smooth transition; and
  • How our CyberComply platform can help organisations effectively transition to the new Standard.

Delivered by:

Andrew Pattison
Head of GRC Consultancy Europe

Andrew is a distinguished consultant with more than two decades of experience in the UK health sector. His background includes pivotal roles such as IT manager at a large health trust in Northern Ireland and information security manager for a specialist telehealth supplier. An active member of ISACA®, BCS and CSA, Andrew’s expertise spans information security, change management, business continuity and project management. His qualifications include an MSc in Information Systems Management, alongside certifications in Information Security Management Principles (CISMP), Certified Information Security Lead Implementer (CIS LI), Certified Information Security Lead Auditor (CIS LA) and PRINCE2® Project Management.

Andrew’s notable achievements include developing, implementing and managing a certified ISO 27001 ISMS, managing the integration of two ISO 27001:2013 ISMS projects post-acquisition, and leading security for the implementation of secure videoconferencing services within the UK health service.


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