Free PDF download: Cyber Security and Business Resilience – Thinking strategically

For today’s organisations, which rely heavily on technology and, more to the point, the Internet to do business, cyber attacks are a very real threat. Furthermore, the cyber threat landscape is complex and constantly changing, making it tricky to navigate: for every vulnerability fixed, another pops up, ripe for exploitation.

Unfortunately, even the most secure organisation can fall victim to a cyber attack. To a large extent, it is simply a case of having the odds stacked against you: while you need to protect all your assets from all types of threat, an attacker needs only one exploitable weakness to get into your systems. On top of that, any security measure you put in place is only designed to stop a handful of threats at most. That means it is likely to be inherently ineffective against other kinds of threat.

Organisations need to combine cyber security with resilience.

Download this paper to understand:

  • What elements to take into account as you plan your cyber security defences, and the value of thinking resiliently;
  • The basics of risk assessment;
  • Why it makes sense to take a defence-in-depth approach;
  • The key points to consider around prevention, detection and response; and
  • How our Cyber Resilience Framework might help you.
A Concise Guide to Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)