Free GDPR Resources

IT Governance Europe have expertly created a range of free General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) resources to help organisations understand the challenges they face and deliver solutions that help enable compliance.   

Browse through our most popular green papers and webinars for guidance on your journey to GDPR compliance.   


  • GDPR – One Year On

    Alice Turley, GDPR Consultant at IT Governance Europe, will discuss what has happened in the past year in terms of GDPR, significant breaches under GDPR and their outcomes. Alice will also discuss how organisations can maintain GDPR compliance on an ongoing basis. 

  • Risk assessments and applying organisational controls for GDPR compliance

    Tomas Pinto, Data Protection and Privacy Consultant at IT Governance Europe, will discuss the importance of risk assessments in order to comply with the Regulation and why organisations need to adjust and implement controls in line with the level of risk to the fundamental rights of data subjects.

  • Challenges for data protection officers (DPOs)

    Download this on-demand webinar session, where we provide expert insight into the challenges DPOs face in their role as a Data Protection Officer (DPO).