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Network Security Standards Kit (Kit 194, Single-User Download)

Network Security Standards Kit (Kit 194)

SKU: 675
Publishers: BSI
Format: Hardcopy
Published: 01 Jan 0001
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Format: PDF
Published: 01 Jan 0001
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The title of the book gives the reader a clear picture of its contents. I did not appreciate the real need for preparing for the Organizational Change part of implementing ITIL until I started focusing on Service Transition (ST) processes. I have many years of experience in implementing Service Operations processes and Continual Service Improvement but really only have experience with Change Management from ST. I took the Service Transition training class and exam in preparation of implementing ST processes for a customer and this gave me a greater appreciation for the amount of change this brings to the organization. Pam Erskine does a wonderful job of explaining the human aspects of change but where the book really shines is in Chapter 6. The Planning discussion is right on target for the intended audience. The book is an excellent preparation guide for companies or consultants embarking on an ITIL journey. The theory is explained at a level that allows the reader to understand the change models while not overwhelming them or requiring expert level knowledge. The book provides good references to the change models so readers can investigate each in further detail. Since this book covers these change models at a high level anyone intending to use one of the models should research the chosen model in more depth. The references cited by Ms. Erskine provide a good starting point for this research. The Change Management Learning Center web site ( offers training and other tools that may also prove beneficial. I have added “ITIL and Organizational Change” to my personal recommendations list for customers beginning an ITIL implementation.
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