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CREST-approved penetration testing services

Let our experts put your defences to the test. Stay ahead of the criminal hackers with our affordable penetration testing services. 

Regular penetration tests enable you to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities as they arise, reducing the likelihood of a cyber attack. All organisations are at risk of cyber attack at some point, so it’s important to conduct penetration tests at least annually. 

IT Governance penetration testing services

Web Application Penetration Test

Evaluates the key components of your web applications and underlying infrastructure, including their deployment and communication with users and servers.

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Wireless Network Penetration Test

Identifies access points and rogue devices, assesses your configurations and tests for vulnerabilities to implement appropriate security controls for preventing an attack.

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External Penetration Test

Evaluates the resilience of your current infrastructure security controls and identifies all means by which an attacker may gain unauthorised access and control.

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Internal Penetration Testing

Our internal penetration test helps to assess what an insider attack could accomplish. The target is typically the same as external penetration testing, but in this case the attacker either has some sort of authorised access or is starting from a point within the internal network.

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Simulated Phishing Attack

Determines your staff’s vulnerability to phishing emails, enabling you to take immediate remedial action to improve your overall cyber security.

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How IT Governance can help you 

We’ve pioneered making penetration testing simple to understand and easy to buy.

You can choose the level of penetration test to meet your budget and technical requirements.

Clearly written reports that are easy to understand by engineering and management teams alike.

CREST-accredited penetration testing services provide the technical assurance you require.

Companies using our penetration testing services

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For more information and guidance on penetration testing or packages IT Governance offers, please contact our experts who will be able to discuss your organisations needs further.