CREST-approved penetration testing services

Let our experts put your defences to the test. Stay ahead of criminal hackers with affordable penetration testing. 

Our team of CREST-accredited consultants will apply robust methodologies to provide you with the technical assurance you need. By adopting a threat-based approach, we can deliver a realistic and targeted appraisal of the current state of your security and the risks attackers pose to your business. 

IT Governance penetration testing services

Web application penetration test

A web application penetration test aims to identify security issues resulting from insecure development practices in the design, coding and publishing of software or a website.

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External network penetration test

IT Governance’s external network penetration test aims to assess your network for vulnerabilities and security issues in servers, hosts, devices and network services.

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Combined web application and external network penetration test

Our combined penetration test helps to identify potential vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, websites and web applications, enabling you to comply with client requests and facilitate compliance with ISO 27001.

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Internal network penetration test

Our internal penetration test helps to assess what an insider attack could accomplish. The target is typically the same as external penetration testing, but in this case the attacker either has some sort of authorised access or is starting from a point within the internal network.

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Wireless network penetration test

IT Governance’s wireless penetration test service provides one of our industry-certified penetration testers to conduct a thorough technical test of your organisation’s Wi-Fi network, identifying vulnerabilities and how they can be exploited to extract data or take control of your infrastructure.

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PCI compliance penetration test

IT Governance’s PCI compliance penetration tests aims to assess your security systems, public-facing devices and systems, databases and other systems that store, process or transmit cardholder data, to discover your vulnerabilities before cyber criminals do.

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Phishing penetration test

A simulated phishing attack aims to establish whether your employees are vulnerable to phishing emails, so you can take immediate action to improve your cyber security. This service gives you an independent assessment of employee susceptibility to phishing attacks and provides a benchmark for your security awareness campaigns.

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How IT Governance can help you 

We are a pioneer in offering easy-to-understand and quick-to-buy penetration testing.

You can choose the penetration test to meet your budget and technical requirements.

We provide clear reports that can be understood by engineering and management teams alike.

CREST-accredited penetration testing services give you all the technical assurance you need.

Companies using our penetration testing services

“IT Governance combines the delivery of real insights with a cost-effective service.”

Ian Kilpatrick, Group Information Security Officer at Collinson Group.

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