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The PRINCE2 Agile® Practical Implementation Guide – Step-by-step advice for every project type, Second edition

The PRINCE2 Agile® Practical Implementation Guide – Step-by-step advice for every project type, Second edition

SKU: 5781
Authors: Jamie Lynn Cooke
Publishers: IT Governance Publishing
Format: PDF
ISBN13: 9781787783348
Pages: 140
Published: 11 Nov 2021
Availability: Available now

The PRINCE2 Agile® framework combines the best of PRINCE2® and Agile to give your organisation the ideal combination of governance and responsiveness in a rapidly changing marketplace.

The PRINCE2 Agile® Practical Implementation Guide – Step-by-step advice for every project type, Second edition is an official AXELOS-licensed guide that explains the PRINCE2 Agile framework in clear business language, with practical guidance on how to implement this framework for any project.

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Product overview

In today’s ever-changing, fast-moving, remote-working, global-reaching marketplace, the key to maintaining your competitive advantage, keeping your products and services relevant, and retaining your customers is responsiveness – being able to adapt the work that the organisation is doing at any time to align with the most current market, technology, competitive and corporate information available.

This is why PRINCE2 Agile is ideal for today’s corporate world. It combines the governance, due diligence and accountability that senior management requires with the responsiveness and flexibility that project delivery teams need to do their jobs most effectively.

The PRINCE2 Agile® Practical Implementation Guide – Step-by-step advice for every project type, Second edition explains how the structured, management-driven PRINCE2 project governance framework can work cohesively with team-driven, quality-focused, responsive Agile methods.

The guide provides an overview of PRINCE2 and Agile before detailing the combined PRINCE2 Agile governance and project management framework. It also offers expert guidance on how to implement the PRINCE2 Agile framework in your organisation, whether you have PRINCE2, Agile or waterfall structures in place, or no existing frameworks.

The key to successfully implementing PRINCE2 Agile is understanding how it brings together PRINCE2 and Agile best practices into a cohesive framework, and how to adapt that framework to meet your organisation's specific needs. This guide is structured to provide you with the core information that you need to understand how PRINCE2 Agile works, and implementation guidelines aligned to the needs of your organisation and projects.

Ideal for PRINCE2 Agile students, project managers, IT managers, senior managers, PRINCE2 users and Agile users, the guide will help you deliver high business value outcomes within the PRINCE2 Agile framework.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Overview of PRINCE2
  • Chapter 2: Overview of Agile
  • Chapter 3: Overview of PRINCE2 Agile
  • Chapter 4: Five keys to PRINCE2 Agile success
  • Chapter 5: Step-by-step guidelines for all PRINCE2 Agile projects
  • Chapter 6: Moving from PRINCE2 to PRINCE2 Agile
  • Chapter 7: Merging existing PRINCE2 and Agile methods
  • Chapter 8: Moving an existing waterfall project to PRINCE2 Agile
  • Chapter 9: Implementing PRINCE2 Agile with no existing framework
  • Chapter 10: Moving from Agile to PRINCE2 Agile
  • Chapter 11: Further expansion of PRINCE2 Agile
  • Bibliography
  • Further reading

This hands-on guide will help you successfully deliver your projects – buy it today!

This guide is aligned to the official PRINCE2 Agile® guide, Third impression. PRINCE2 Agile® is a registered trade mark of the PeopleCert group. Used under licence from PeopleCert. All rights reserved.

About the author

Jamie Lynn Cooke

Jamie Lynn Cooke has 29 years’ experience as a senior business analyst, project manager, programme manager and solutions consultant, working with more than 130 public- and private-sector organisations throughout Australia, Canada and the US.

Jamie is a Project Management Professional, Certified Scrum Product Owner and Certified ScrumMaster who has been working hands-on with Agile methods since 2003, and has researched hundreds of books and articles on Agile topics. She is a signatory to the Agile Manifesto, has attended numerous Agile seminars, and has worked with prominent consultants to promote Agile methods to organisations worldwide.

Jamie has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Psychology (Human Factors Engineering) from Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, and a Graduate Certificate in e-Business/Business Informatics from the University of Canberra in Australia.

For information about Jamie’s other publications, please visit

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