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Cyber attacks are costly to any organisation. They can cripple systems, lead to large fines and cause reputational damage. 68% of organisations believe that breaches occur because patch management is poorly executed. *

A strict technical security regime is essential to protect systems from threats from outside. Regular patching, vulnerability scanning, and penetration testing means that critical vulnerabilities can be identified, and remedial action taken in a timely way reducing the likelihood of attack.

Ensure your organisation gets off to the best start with our solutions below.

Our solutions

Web Application Penetration Test

This CREST consultant-driven penetration test is designed to identify potential vulnerabilities in your websites and web applications and provide recommendations for improving your security posture. 

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Simulated Phishing Attack

This simulated attack will establish whether your employees are vulnerable to phishing emails, enabling you to take immediate remedial action to improve your cyber security posture.

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Wireless Network Penetration Test

WLAN penetration tests can help you find and fix WLAN weaknesses before attackers take advantage of them. By regularly testing your wireless network, you can identify and close any security holes before a hacker can slip through.

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Infrastructure (Network) Penetration Test

This infrastructure penetration test provides a complete solution for effectively testing your IT network infrastructure and ensuring that your organisation is genuinely secure against a range of constantly evolving cyber threats.

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Further reading and learning

Steve Watkins

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Free Green Paper: Penetration Testing and ISO 27001

This free green paper describes how penetration testing fits into an ISO 27001 ISMS project

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*Ponemon Institute – Separating the truth from the Myths in Cybersecurity


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