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According to 55%* of IT professionals, top management should lead the company stance on information security and demonstrate a commitment to security throughout the organisation. Building and maintaining this ‘culture of security’ and ensuring that all staff are security aware is crucial to continuously repel malicious intrusions and threats.

Ensure your organisation gets off to the best start with our solutions below.

Our solutions

Information Security & ISO 27001 Staff Awareness E-Learning Course

This interactive e-learning course gives employees a better understanding of information security risks and compliance requirements in line with ISO 27001, thereby reducing the organisation’s exposure to security threats.

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Information Security and Cyber Security Staff Awareness E-Learning Course

Information Security and Cyber Security Staff Awareness 
E-Learning Course teaches staff the basics of data security, 
information security risks, cyber security risks and dealing with threats.

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Phishing Staff Awareness Course

Take action against the increasing threat of targeted phishing attacks by educating your employees to be alert, vigilant and secure. They will learn how to identify and understand phishing scams, what would happen should they fall victim, and how they can mitigate the threat of an attack.

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Compliance Manager Software

Comply with all of the relevant legal and regulatory requirements required in the context of an ISO27001-compliant ISMS and the GDPR. 
Save time, hassle and expenses when finding applicable laws to cover in your information security risk assessment.

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Steve Watkins

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Free Green Paper: The data breach survival guide

Learn how to identify risks, protect your data, and quickly respond to and recover from any data breach with this handy go-to guide.

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*Ponemon Institute – Separating the truth from the Myths in Cybersecurity


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