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Benefits of Business Continuity Management

This page outlines the benefits of implementing an ISO 22301 BCMS (business continuity management system).

By implementing an ISO 22301-compliant BCMS, your organisation can:

Maintain continuity of business operations.

A BCMS enables organisations to efficiently assess the potential impact of an operational disruption to determine how best to respond to minimise the overall effect on the business. From a customer perspective, a BCMS ensures continuity of service despite the business disruption.

Protect assets, turnover and profits

A BCMS helps protect both your assets and your income stream by ensuring that your products and services will continue to be delivered in the event of a business disruption, reducing the risk of subsequent losses. 

Meet legal and regulatory requirements

Business continuity and/or incident response are essential for compliance with corporate governance requirements, as well as with the GDPR, the NIS Directive and the HIPPA in the US. Adopting an ISO 22301-aligned BCMS can help organisations demonstrably prove their compliance efforts. 

Monitor and test your BCP to ensure you are prepared

BCPs (business continuity plans) are typically filed and forgotten about, kept separate from the organisation’s corporate governance framework and infrequently tested. However, a BCMS provides a comprehensive approach to organisational resilience and is embedded in the organisation’s culture.

Reduce the cost of business interruption insurance

An ISO 22301 BCMS provides your organisation with concrete insights into the real effects of a possible disaster. Consequently, you are better placed to accurately evaluate the type and value of insurance cover required.

Increase competitive advantage and enhance corporate reputation

ISO 22301 certification gives your organisation a competitive edge in two respects. First, it assures customers of your ability to respond efficiently to potentially disruptive or harmful events. Second, with certification increasingly a requirement for suppliers, it increases the number of business tenders available to your organisation.

Reduce the need for frequent audits

ISO 22301 certification is a globally accepted indication of effective business continuity, which removes the need for repeated customer audits and reduces the number of external customer audit days.

Obtain an independent opinion about your security posture

ISO 22301 certification involves regular reviews and internal audits to ensure its continual improvement. Additionally, the BCMS is reviewed at regular intervals by an external expert audit to ensure its continued effectiveness. 

Improve processes and organisational focus

An effective BCMS involves the entire business, ensuring the organisation focuses on its objectives as a whole, and evaluating organisational processes to establish where there is room for improvement. 

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