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vsRisk Standalone - Basic - the Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Tool

vsRisk Standalone - Basic

SKU: 744
Publishers: Vigilant Software
Format: Standalone only
Availability: Available

Save time, effort and expense with this quick and easy risk assessment tool

vsRisk™ has been proven to save huge amounts of time, effort and expense when tackling complex risk assessments. Fully compliant with ISO 27001:2013, this widely applicable risk assessment tool automates and delivers an information security risk assessment quickly and easily. vsRisk Standalone is intended for a single, desktop-based user.

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Fully aligned with ISO 27001, vsRisk™ helps you conduct an information security risk assessment efficiently and easily. The standalone version is intended for a single desktop-based risk assessor. If you require a multi-user version, then please click here.

The latest version of vsRisk includes three key changes to functionality: custom acceptance criteria, a risk assessment wizard and control set synchronisation.

As well as this new functionality, you will now also be able to export the asset database in order to populate an asset management system/register.

  1. Users can now create a number of custom acceptance criteria for particular likelihood/impact combinations. Each of the criteria can be assigned a title, range, colour and description.
  2. The new risk assessment wizard guides users through eight simple steps to complete a risk assessment for a single asset. It also includes a help overlay button, which provides explicit instructions for each step of the process.
  3. Control set synchronisation allows users to automatically keep control sets up to date and get access to new control sets as they are released, ensuring that risk assessments stay robust and reliable.

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Technical specification

  • Integrated security supports single sign-on
  • Features a back-up and restore functionality
  • Includes a detailed user manual to take you through the process step by step
  • Includes a conversion tool for mapping existing controls based on ISO 27001:2005 to ISO 27001:2013
  • Supports Windows Vista and above
  • Supports Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Reporting and import functionality compatible with Microsoft Excel


vsRisk software is dynamic and updated frequently. It is important that customers keep their software up to date by installing the latest version whenever it is released.

We recommend that customers purchase the 12-month Support and Update Package to ensure continued support and optimal software performance.

Any customer requiring support for legacy versions of vsRisk will be required to pay a premium to upgrade to the latest version.

Professional advice on constructing and carrying out a risk assessment is not included.


Request a free demonstration of vsRisk to discover how it can save you time and money. The demonstration will be provided by Vigilant Software, the developer of vsRisk.

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