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  Internal network pen test

The insider threat and privilege misuse


One of the biggest threats that organisations face is from insiders. These include staff accidentally losing or damaging data, and malicious actors who steal information or compromise systems. In many of these cases, the loss could have been mitigated – or prevented altogether – with effective penetration testing.

Organisations experience data loss across a wide range of content and formats, and through a range of avenues – from documents to databases, stolen electronically or physically. Internal users often bypass physical controls designed to protect computer resources. For most organisations , this means the internal network is where the company is most vulnerable. Consequently, organisations need to take further steps to protect themselves from the internal threat.

Internal network penetration testing can help identify resources that are internally vulnerable and help the system administrator plug these holes.



Companies using our penetration testing services


“IT Governance combines the delivery of real insights with a cost-effective service.”

Ian Kilpatrick, Group Information Security Officer at Collinson Group.



Why is testing the internal network so important?

To mitigate insider threats, you need to isolate two broad categories and plan accordingly:

  • 1. Insider error is the result of employees or contractors being unaware of their security obligations.
  • 2. Insider wrongdoing is potentially harder to mitigate, as it is caused by employees with legitimate access to the information or former employees whose access hasn’t been revoked.

Regular penetration testing can address both problems. The tests check for misconfiguration in both networks and web applications – such as faults in error handling and configuration management – that would allow employees to access information and inadvertently leak it online.

The tests can also identify information or other assets that are exposed to an unauthorised user who has network-level access to the organisation’s IT environment.



Why choose IT Governance for a penetration test

We’re a pioneer in making penetration testing easy to understand and quick to buy.

Clear reports that can be understood by engineering and management teams alike.

CREST-accredited penetration testing services give you all the technical assurance you need.



Reduce costs and get accurate results with IT Governance’s expert testing

IT Governance’s internal network penetration test will test from the perspective of both authenticated and unauthenticated users to ensure that the network is critically assessed for both potential exploitation by rogue internal users and an unauthorised attack.

Our testing methodology is built upon the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM) – an established methodology to test network security and compliance.


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