The CISMP qualification  

The Certificate in Information Security Management Principles (CISMP) qualification demonstrates good knowledge and understanding of the key areas involved in information security management, including cyber security, risk management, information security management (ISO 27001), and technical controls. Awarded by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, following successful completion of the CISMP exam.  

CISMP provides a solid foundation, upon which a successful information security career can be built. It is particularly valuable to those working in the public sector, as it is part of The Certified Professional (CCP) Scheme (formerly known as the CESG Certified Professional Scheme). 

Gain the CISMP qualification to further your career 

Gain the CISMP qualification to further your career 

Accredited by The Chartered Institute for IT (BCS) and delivered by an experienced cyber security consultant, our five-day training course prepares you for the CISMP exam – held on the final day of the course – and enables you to put your new knowledge and skills to work instantly. 

Attendees gain a solid understanding of risk management, technical controls, legal frameworks, physical security, international standards and business continuity. 

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Who is CISMP suitable for? 

If you are keen to develop a career in information security, CISMP is the perfect starting point as it provides a broad introduction to information security management. The content is also suitable for business professionals who require a deeper understanding of information security as part of their wider business knowledge. 

What's in the CISMP syllabus? 

The CISMP syllabus covers the following areas: 

  • Information Security Management Principles (10%) 
  • Information Risk (Threats, Vulnerabilities) (10%) 
  • Information Security Framework (Organisation, Implementation, Standards) (20%) 
  • Procedural / People Security Controls (15%) 
  • Technical Security Controls (including Infrastructure, Cloud Computing) (25%) 
  • Software Development and Lifecycle (5%) 
  • Physical and Environmental Security Controls (5%) 
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Management (5%) 
  • Other Technical Aspects 
View the full BCS syllabus for CISMP >>

CISMP Requirements 

The BCS requires CISMP candidates to demonstrate knowledge in the following areas: 

  • Knowledge of the concepts relating to information security management (confidentiality, integrity, availability, vulnerability, threats, risks, countermeasures, etc) 
  • Understanding of current national legislation and regulations which impact upon information security management 
  • Awareness of current national and international standards, frameworks and organisations which facilitate the management of information security 
  • Understanding of the current business and common technical environments in which information security management has to operate 
  • Knowledge of the categorisation, operation and effectiveness of controls of different types and characteristics. 

The CISMP exam

To achieve the CISMP qualification, you must pass a two hour multiple-choice exam, consisting of 100 questions. A minimum of 65 marks out of 100 are required to pass and 80 marks will gain you a distinction.

The CISMP exam, worth ‎€194 is included on the final day of our CISMP Certificate in Information Security Management Principles training course, which covers the BCS learning objectives in order to prepare candidates for the exam.

View a sample CISMP exam paper >> 

CISMP and the CCP Scheme

If you work in the public sector, or supply services to the public sector, then the CISMP qualification is particularly important. It is part of The Certified Professional (CCP) Scheme, licensed by the NCSC (the National Cyber Security Centre, which is a part of GCHQ, the Government Communications Headquarters).

The CCP scheme has been developed to provide independent assessment and verification of Information Assurance professionals working in the public sector. It also provides a clearly defined career development path.

The CISMP qualification demonstrates an individual’s competency at Practitioner level.

The BCS CCP scheme outlines competencies at the following three levels:

  • Practitioner level
  • Senior level
  • Lead level

The scheme covers six Information Assurance roles:

  • Security and Information Risk Advisor
  • Cyber Security / IA Architect
  • Accreditor
  • Cyber Security / IA Auditor
  • IT Security Officer
  • Communications Security Officer (ComSO)

For further information please see the BCS CCP Scheme Overview.

CISMP course benefits 

IT Governance's CISMP - Certificate in Information Security Management Principles Training Course was designed by experienced cyber security consultants. 

You’ll receive detailed instruction in all the areas of the BCS syllabus, preparing you for the CISMP exam 

Receive a free copy of Information Security Management Principles - an ISEB Certificate textbook, the BCS approved reference book for the course and examination 

CISMP is acknowledged across the UK and is approved by the UK Government in the CCP scheme. 

As well as our wide range of additional information security titles you may also be interested in our free green papers on information security, risk management and business continuity management.

Why choose IT Governance for your CISMP training? 

  • Leading global provider of IT governance, risk management and compliance solutions 
  • All courses are designed by experts and delivered by experienced trainers 
  • Flexible booking process - if you need to change the date for a training course that you have booked, you can do so here 
  • Take advantage of a wealth of free resources and affordable tools and support once you have completed your training 
  • Focussed on improving knowledge, developing skills and awarding certification 
  • IT Governance courses are guaranteed to run – we never cancel a course 

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