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PCI DSS Gap Analysis

Receive a full review of your current PCI DSS compliance and corresponding roadmap to compliance when you use our PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Security Standard) Gap Analysis service.

Assess your PCI DSS compliance

Our gap analysis reviews the relevant systems and networks of your CDE (cardholder data environment) to identify those areas requiring attention.

We can help your organisation pass the annual PCI DSS audit, or implement a CDE and infrastructure that meet the requirements of the Standard.

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Our PCI consultants are ready to offer you practical advice about the best approach to help review your compliance and advise on areas that need attention.

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Why is a PCI DSS gap analysis so important?

Organisations often struggle to maintain full PCI DSS compliance – as borne out by the Verizon 2017 Payment Security Report, which found that across an 11-year period, not one company was PCI DSS compliant at the time of a payment card data breach, 89% of companies never achieved compliance and nearly half of organisations that achieved compliance fell out of compliance within a year.

These statistics demonstrate that as organisations evolve, so too must technology and processes in order to meet business and customer demand. If not properly maintained, the organisation can fall back into non-compliance.

Benefits of a PCI DSS gap analysis:

A PCI DSS gap analysis is a logical first step for most clients. It provides a detailed comparison of what your organisation currently does in terms of payment card management against what it is required to do to comply with the PCI DSS. The analysis reviews your current security controls to protect cardholder data against the specific controls required by the Standard and identifies the gaps that need to be addressed.

By completing a gap analysis, you can:

  • Create a snapshot of PCI DSS compliance; 
  • Identify areas requiring immediate attention, and cost-effective remediation, in prioritised terms; 
  • Improve cost forecasting and budget justification for a PCI DSS compliance programme; and 
  • Gain an awareness of your organisation’s ability to comply with any new release of the Standard (the latest is PCI DSS v3.2).

What can you expect from our PCI DSS Gap Analysis service?

A QSA (Qualified Security Assessor) will map critical information processes and technical infrastructure to assess your current state of compliance and determine the most cost-effective approach for your PCI compliance journey.

Our approach

We will analyse your current cardholder data protection efforts against PCI DSS v3.2 to provide a conclusive management report outlining both the shortfalls that require action, as well as strategic recommendations for resolution and a roadmap to compliance.

What will my service cover?

  • Our QSA will meet with key staff members to gain an understanding of your CDE and explain the necessary security requirements for PCI DSS compliance. 
  • We will perform a scoping exercise, critically evaluating the CDE and connected system components to determine what must be included within the PCI DSS requirements. 
  • We will assess all areas in scope for the PCI DSS to determine your compliance status.

How IT Governance can help you

Our services provide a tailored route to PCI compliance, scalable to your budget and needs.

We go further than a simple ‘yes/ no’ approach to understand better how security measures work.

We work in partnership to help you understand what is required and why giving you control.

We can offer expertise to vet compensating controls and determine whether they are acceptable.

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A PCI gap analysis conducted by an IT Governance QSA will map critical information processes and technical infrastructure. By assessing your current state of compliance, we can outline the most cost-effective approach to meeting the PCI DSS obligations. We have a team of account managers and Qualified Security Assessors to discuss your PCI DSS challenges. For more information, please contact us.

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Our team of account managers and security consultants are ready to discuss your PCI DSS challenges. For more information, please contact us.