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NIS Directive Consultancy – cyber resilience solutions

The EU Directive on security of network and information systems (NIS Directive) requires operators of essential services (OES) and digital service providers (DSPs) to implement “appropriate and proportionate technical and organisational measures” to manage the risks posed to the security of the network and information systems they use in their operations.

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IT Governance can help you implement and maintain a cyber resilience programme to ensure the security and continuity of your systems, based on international standards, in compliance with Article 19 of the Directive.

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A cyber resilience management system based on international standards

Article 19 of the Directive states that member states should “encourage the use of European or internationally accepted standards and specifications relevant to the security of network and information systems”.

There are two relevant international standards that we recommend:

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013, the international standard for an information security management system (ISMS)
  • ISO 22301:2012, the international standard for a business continuity management system (BCMS).

Solutions for complying with the NIS Directive

IT Governance provides a comprehensive range of solutions to help you implement an effective cyber resilience programme that ensures your compliance with the NIS Directive. 

Implement basic cyber security measures

What we can do

Provide assurance that you have taken basic cyber security measures.

Implement measures to protect networks and information systems

What we can do

Implement a comprehensive cyber security system that incorporates regular risk assessments and supports continual improvement.

Detect vulnerabilities across your systems and networks

What we can do

Assess your systems and networks for any potential weaknesses because of system configuration issues, hardware or software flaws, and operational weaknesses.

How we can help

Penetration testing

Respond to a cyber incident

What we can do

Implement a cyber incident response programme.

Respond and recover from a cyber attack

What we can do

Implement a business continuity management process.

Why use IT Governance for your NIS Directive compliance needs?

  • We offer a hassle-free service and transparent pricing.
  • Our methodology and tools have been honed over 15 years.
  • We support independently accredited certification – you can use the certification body you want.
  • Our team led the world’s first successful certification to BS 7799, the forerunner of ISO 27001.
  • Our implementation approach and methodology is pragmatic, proven and straightforward.
  • You receive crucial input to help you develop a business case, allowing you to secure the necessary information security investment.

Some of our clients

We’ve helped hundreds of organisations across many different industries and sectors improve their information security and business continuity practices.

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