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Break the silos

Equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in cyber security and data privacy. By breaking down silos, you build a more adaptable, resilient and high-performing team able to work together, competing against cyber threats, not one another.

Create cyber security champions

Help your data protection or information security champion level up their knowledge with a series of courses, or cross-train several team members to raise your game.

ISO 27001 and information security courses

Data protection and privacy courses

DORA and operational resilience courses

Action your winning strategy

They’ve got the talent, our courses will give them the structure, processes and qualifications to create a stronger and more responsive IT framework for your organisation.

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How it works

Choose your courses

Seamlessly cover gaps when needed, ensuring continuity and reducing downtime.

Mix and match

Customise your training plan to suit your team’s specific needs.

Save 25%

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Multi-skilled teams with unified objectives

Why cross-training matters

Versatility is crucial in today’s compliance-driven, cyber-threat-laden landscape. It enables organisations to swiftly adapt, effectively mitigate risks, and maintain operational continuity amid constant changes and emerging challenges. Cross-trained staff can:

  • Step in or step up: Seamlessly cover gaps when needed, ensuring continuity and reducing downtime.
  • Power up special projects: Bring diverse skills to special projects, driving innovation and efficiency.
  • Enhance incident response: Strengthen your incident response teams with a well-rounded skill set.
  • Find efficiencies: Identify and implement efficiencies across different areas, breaking down silos and fostering collaboration.

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