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ISO 14001 Step by Step - A Practical Guide - Second edition

ISO 14001 Step by Step - A Practical Guide - Second edition

SKU: 4983
Authors: Naeem Sadiq and Asif Hayat Khan
Publishers: ITGP
Format: PDF
ISBN13: 9781787780330
Pages: 110
Published: 22 Jan 2019
Availability: Available now

Take the first steps to ISO 14001 certification with this practical overview.

This book provides practical advice on how to achieve compliance with ISO 14001:2015, the international standard for an EMS (environmental management system). With an EMS certified to ISO 14001, you can improve the efficiency of your business operations and fulfil compliance obligations, while reassuring your employees, clients and other stakeholders that you are monitoring your environmental impact.

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This easy-to-follow guide takes a step-by-step approach, and provides many sample documents to help you understand how to record and monitor your organisation’s EMS processes.

Ideal for compliance managers, IT and general managers, environmental officers, auditors and trainers, this book will provide you with:

  • The confidence to plan and design an EMS. Detailed descriptions of the ISO 14001:2015 requirements will give you a clear understanding of the standard, even if you lack specialist knowledge or previous experience;
  • Guidance to build stakeholder support for your EMS. Information on why it is important for an organisation to have an environmental policy, and a sample communications procedure will help you to raise awareness of the benefits of implementing an EMS; and
  • Advice on how to become an ISO 14001-certified organisation. The book takes a step-by-step approach to implementing an ISO 14001-compliant EMS.

Key features:

  • A concise summary of the ISO 14001:2015 requirements and how you can meet them.
  • An overview of the documentation needed to achieve ISO 14001:2015 accreditation.
  • Sample documents to help you understand how to record and monitor your organisation’s environmental management processes.

Your practical guide to implementing an EMS that complies with ISO 14001:2015 – buy this book today to get the help and guidance you need!

New for the second edition:

  • Updated for ISO 14001:2015, including terms, definitions and references;
  • Revised approach to take into account requirements to address “risks and opportunities”.

"ISO 14001 Step by Step - A Practical Guide does exactly what its title says it will. The pocket sized handbook offers a clear, concise and understandable methodology for implementing the necessary steps to achieving ISO 14001 certification. The guide is structured to reflect the clauses of the ISO standard and includes examples and sample documents making understanding the requirements easy for all. This useful handbook is a must for anyone wanting an easy and effective way to implement an EMS into their business operations."

- Catherine Hickford, Sustainability Consultant

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