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Phishing Staff Awareness Course

Phishing Staff Awareness Training Programme

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Format: 1 - 2 users only

Defend against phishing to reduce the risk of more serious attacks such as denial-of-service, ransomware and malware. This 45-minute course helps staff spot the signs of this common threat and explains the importance of staying alert. Help employees protect your organisation against cyber attacks.

If you mandate one course for your staff this year, make it about phishing. Get employees on board with your information security programme and make your organisation less vulnerable and more resilient.

Enjoy more high-quality courses and pay less per learner: buy this as part of the all-inclusive Complete Staff Awareness Elearning Suite with more than 20 courses!

4–6 courses in one suite for less than the cost of 2 individual courses.
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All staff will benefit personally and professionally by learning about the threat of phishing attacks. As 90% of ransomware and malware is delivered by phishing, the small investment of time on this course could prevent major issues. Draw on our strengths in information security to build your own culture of accountability and awareness.

The course explains the fundamental characteristics of phishing, making it easier to spot its many forms as attack styles proliferate. Give everyone in your organisation a high-quality starting point for learning about cyber risk.

Staff will learn key principles of information security and how to identify risks, avert threats and report concerns before they become escalating issues.

This annual subscription product helps your staff protect your organisation year-on-year, and you can add to or cancel your subscription at any time. (T&Cs apply.)

What’s covered

  • An introduction to phishing and social engineering.
  • How to identify social engineering attacks.
  • The consequences of a phishing attack.
  • How people fall victim to phishing attacks.
  • How phishing attacks are orchestrated.
  • How to identify a phishing scam.

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Benefits for learners

 Quick and convenient

Get up to speed in 45 minutes on your PC or mobile device.

 Interesting and useful

Gain vital insights and pick up practical tips that you can apply straight away.

 Build your profile

Share your digital badges on social media and in email signatures.

 Be the strongest link

Learn how to help your organisation defend against prevalent cyber threats.

Benefits for organisations

 Strengthen defences

Build resilience among staff – your first line of defence against cyber attacks.

 High quality and ISO aligned

Have confidence that the courses you deploy are expertly created and high quality, and support your compliance obligations.

 Exceptional value and service

Enjoy world-class content and customer support with competitive prices from people who care.

 Hosted and SCORM options

Access courses online via our LMS (learning management system) or host them on yours – both ways you get to control the rollout and monitor results.

Who should take this elearning course?

All staff



Customised courses

Compatible with CyberComply

Every employee, every year

Encourage everyone to take this course at least once per year to stay alert to phishing attempts.

Organisations mitigating legal risk

Use the reporting features to provide evidence that you have an effective and operational programme and that you repeat and reinforce the right messages every year.

Withstanding regulatory scrutiny

Be perpetually audit-ready and operate with confidence that your cyber security policies are robust and understood by all employees.

How do we make this subject interactive and truly memorable for staff?

Get a personal demonstration of our courses or a quote for a customised package.

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Choose IT Governance for all your staff awareness training

 Expert defined

All courses are developed and updated regularly by trusted industry experts.

 Expert designed

Our visually appealing, interactive courses are educationally effective.


With downloadable reports that demonstrate the effectiveness of your staff awareness programme in detail, and annual subscriptions for ongoing compliance.

 Measurable change

We help you check, reinforce and improve levels of staff understanding regularly for lasting change.

 Best-practice approach

We create learning that helps you achieve the outcomes you need.

 Hot topics

Our subject experts tackle emerging security risks by creating new courses.

 Great minds

More than 100,000 professionals have benefitted from taking one or more of our courses.

 Customer approved

With a world-class NPS of 80+, our Net Promoter Scores show customers highly rate our courses.

 First and best

Public- and private-sector bodies trust us to be first to offer authoritative guidance when regulations and standards change.

 More and better

Most customers choose us for all their staff awareness needs.

Defend against phishing attacks

Make our strengths yours by drawing on our fast-track resources and consultancy services. Our products are fact-checked and updated at least annually for relevance and accuracy, so you can be confident that you’ve done a good job on a business-critical subject.

Use gamification to reinforce learning

 Phishing Challenge E-learning Game

Test your employees’ defences

 Simulated Phishing Attack

Test your defences in multiple scenarios

 Remote Access Penetration Test

Roll out more staff awareness training that works superbly

 Complete Staff Awareness E-learning Suite

Features of courses hosted on our LMS

When you buy staff awareness courses hosted on our LMS, you get fast, easy deployment that’s compatible with any device, including desktop computer, mobile and tablet.

You can customise the learner experience by adding your company branding in the LMS and you can include links to relevant documents, e.g. your anti-bribery policy.

You’ll also have access to usage data in the forms of graphs, charts and reports that you can download and link to your compliance management framework, or save in your compliance software, e.g. CyberComply.

Features learners will love

 Short courses

From zero to pass in under 30 minutes.

 Engaging content

Graphically rich interactive content that captures attention.

 All-year access

Allow learners to refresh, take tests again and improve scores.

 Completion certificates

Affirm achievement with proof of completion.

 Digital badges

Badges to display on email signatures and social media.

 Mobile friendly

Responsive courses accessible on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Features for organisations

 Annual licences

Meet ongoing compliance requirements with annual licences.

 Audit-friendly records

Show completion dates and details to measure success.

 Hosted and SCORM options

Suitable for delivery on our LMS or on yours.

 Exceptional value

Packages, suites and renewals that are value for money.

 World-class support

A friendly, professional team at your fingertips.


Increase compliance with key standards and regulations.

Customise the content

Need to make some tweaks? Customise the course content by adding your brand logo to the course on our LMS or, if you’re taking the SCORM package, we can customise the content for you before sending you the files. We can add to the course and include specific points for your organisation or industry.

Talk to our experts about all the ways you can customise courses for your learners.

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Strengthen your organisation against cyber threats

We are staffed by experts who care about their subject matter and are committed to raising standards in the public and private sectors. Staff awareness training is an important component of good business practice and organisational management. We help you leverage staff awareness to enhance your strength and stability.

 Raise awareness and reduce risk

Help staff identify risks, avert threats and report concerns.

 Reinforce shared values

Create a pro-compliance corporate culture of responsibility and accountability.

 Meet compliance requirements

Be audit-ready and aligned with legal, regulatory and governance requirements.

 Earn customer confidence

Win trust by demonstrating your commitment to high standards of training and awareness.

 Promote quality and resilience

Demonstrate your comprehensive approach to business continuity, quality-first thinking and operational resilience.

 Showcase employee knowledge

Earn respect by including digital badges on email signatures, social media platforms and tender documents.

 Strengthen your defences

Your staff are your last line of defence – equip them to eliminate vulnerabilities.

Ways to buy

Ways to buy

Online or SCORM: access courses on our LMS or on yours 

Access our staff awareness training courses online via our LMS or buy them as a SCORM package to host on your LMS.

All in one suites

All-in-one suites

  • Recommended collections of courses
  • Comprehensive coverage of a topic
  • Authoritative content at great value
  • Includes games to keep staff engaged

Our elearning suites are updated regularly for no extra charge within the one-year billing period.

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Build a package

Build a package

  • Select from our full range of courses
  • Get early access to new releases
  • Available online or as SCORM packages
  • Excellent-value quotes based on your choices

Get superb value for money and the freedom to adjust your package at any time.

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Customised courses

Customised courses

  • Our expert-led content with your branding
  • Add important details
  • Make adjustments for extra relevance
  • Your brand endorses the importance for all staff

Available on purchases for 50+ learners. Fast turnaround.

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Bespoke courses

Bespoke courses

  • Created to order on any subject
  • Exclusively for your organisation
  • Direct input from our subject experts
  • Confidential and created by security-cleared individuals

Work with our experts and elearning specialists to educate staff effectively.

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Access courses via our LMS

For details on how you’ll receive your course material, whether you have opted for hosting on our LMS or yours as a SCORM package, click here.

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