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The Tao of Open Source Intelligence

The Tao of Open Source Intelligence

SKU: 4568
Authors: Stewart K. Bertram
Publishers: ITGP
Format: PDF
ISBN13: 9781849287296
Published: 23 Apr 2015
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Keep abreast of best-practice information security with this insightful guide to cutting-edge data collection.

Delve into a fascinating world of deep and dark web data collection, and discover how you can use open-source intelligence techniques to aid your information security projects.

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Your guide to cutting-edge information collection

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is a rapidly evolving approach to collecting information via the Internet, much of which isn’t indexed by normal search engines.

Written by career intelligence analyst Stewart K. Bertram, this title is a comprehensive guide to data collection, helping you gather intelligence and protect your business from cyber attacks.

From reading this book, you’ll:

  • Master the tools and investigative approaches needed for conducting research within the surface, deep and dark webs.
  • Find out how to scrutinise criminal activity without compromising your anonymity – and your investigation.
  • Understand the relevance of cyber geography and how to get around its limitations.
  • Get to grips with useful add-ons for common search engines, as well as metasearch engines.
  • Learn about deep-web social media platforms and platform-specific search tools, detailing such concepts as concept mapping, entity extraction tools and specialist search syntax (Google kung fu).
  • Get comprehensive guidance on Internet security, and how to strike a balance between security, ease of use and functionality
  • Gain tips on counterintelligence, safe practices and debunking myths about online privacy.

What can OSINT do for you?

OSINT is a rapidly evolving approach to intelligence collection. Its useful methodology and wide application into numerous practices makes it a perfect fit for many information security professionals.

About the author

Stewart K. Bertram

Stewart K. Bertram spent over a decade working across the fields of counterterrorism, cyber security , corporate investigations and geopolitical analysis. With a master’s degree in computing and a master of letters in terrorism studies, Stewart is uniquely placed at the cutting edge of intelligence and investigation, where technology and established tradecraft combine.

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