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ISO/IEC 5338:2023 Standard

ISO/IEC 5338:2023 Standard

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Publishers: ISO/IEC
Format: PDF
Pages: 39
Published: 20 Dec 2023
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Streamlining AI system development with ISO 5338

The ISO/IEC 5338:2023 standard:

  • Provides a comprehensive framework for describing the life cycle of AI systems;
  • Integrates with established standards for AI-specific processes; and
  • Facilitates effective definition, control management, execution and improvement of AI systems.

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An efficient approach to building and maintaining an AI system involves extending the lifecycle processes for a traditional software system to include AI-specific characteristics.

ISO/IEC 5338:2023 introduces a structured set of processes and concepts tailored specifically for AI systems based on machine learning and heuristic systems. Building upon established standards such as ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288 and ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207, this document incorporates modifications and additions from AI-specific processes from ISO/IEC 22989 and ISO/IEC 23053.

This comprehensive framework supports organisations and projects in navigating the lifecycle stages of AI systems. From inception to retirement, the processes enable clear definition, meticulous control, efficient management, seamless execution and continual improvement.

ISO/IEC 5338 is adaptable to diverse environments, serving as a valuable resource for both developers and acquirers of AI systems. It ensures alignment with industry best practices while addressing the unique challenges and considerations inherent in AI development.

For elements of AI systems that overlap with traditional software or systems, the document harmoniously integrates with existing standards. This interoperability streamlines implementation efforts, fostering synergy between AI-specific processes and established methodologies.

The Standard empowers organisations to streamline their AI system development processes, facilitating innovation, reliability and efficiency across various domains.

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