Free PDF download: “The NIS 2 Directive – What you need to know”

Cyber attacks are on the rise, and are increasingly targeting critical infrastructure, which can significantly impact the physical world when successful. To better secure Europe’s most important services, the Network and Information Security Systems Directive (NIS 2) has been published, which member states must transpose into national law by 17 October 2024. On 18 October 2024, those laws will come into effect, repealing the laws based on the first NIS Directive.

Download this green paper to understand:

  • The background of NIS 2;
  • How NIS 2 intends to address the first NIS Directive’s limitations;
  • What sectors are in scope of NIS 2; and
  • The key requirements of NIS 2.
The NIS 2 Directive – What you need to know
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