Free PDF download: Business Impact Analysis – Step by step

In a world with ever-present threats to critical business functions, effective BCM (business continuity management) forms an essential part of an organisation’s future sustainability.

An organisation that can continue functioning during adverse events such as fire, power cuts and cyber attacks will survive where its competitors may fail.

Business impact analysis is a critical element of robust BCM that identifies key business activities and determines how quickly – and in what order – functions and systems should be recovered following a disruption.

This green paper defines this concept in the context of BCM and follows six steps to be taken when conducting a business impact analysis.


  • What BCM and business impact analysis are;
  • How to identify key business activities and what impact means in monetary or other terms;
  • How to analyse impact over time; and
  • Setting limits on what impact is acceptable and feeding this information into the BCM.


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