IT Governance corporate account (credit account) - online purchasing agreement

Our terms of business are that, if you are granted credit facilities with IT Governance Europe Ltd, you will ensure that we receive payment from your company for all invoices in full in cleared funds in our bank account within 28 days of the date of invoice. Our bank account details are on all our invoices.

Only those organisations that have approved credit accounts are authorised to place orders through our websites using a purchase order, as documented in an Online Purchasing Agreement. All purchases made by means of a purchase order are subject to specific terms as set out in that organisation’s Online Purchasing Agreement.

Your application for credit facilities includes an application for an Online Account that will enable you to make purchases through our website using a Purchase Order number instead of a payment card at checkout.

Your corporate account, on our website, is identified by means of your selected corporate email address and is set up in the name of your company.

In signing this agreement, you undertake to ensure that only duly authorised employees or agents of your company are made aware of or allowed to use your Online Account, that you will keep confidential any password issued in relation to your Online Account, that you will ensure that a correct and legitimate purchase order number is applied on checkout and that you will ensure that you will pay to our terms all invoices we render to you for goods and/or services supplied to you, your employees or agents consequent upon the use by any party of your Online Account.

In signing the corporate account application form, you are stating that you have been duly authorised to enter into this trade credit and online purchasing agreement and that your company will be bound by our purchase and payment terms.

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