PCI DSS Consultancy Services

Our PCI Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs) provide experience and practical advice to help you improve your current security programme and meet the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

The proliferation of hardware and software in the payments ecosystem is driving the demand for a more technical cyber security partner that can provide advice on meeting tougher requirements while serving as a business partner and improving long-term security. Our consultants can support:

  • Scope reduction;
  • Gap analysis;
  • Policy documentation;
  • Procedure development and documentation;
  • Technical solution design; and
  • Self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) completion.

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Discover our range of PCI DSS consultancy services

Our QSAs will lead you through your PCI DSS journey and help build measures into everyday business processes to ensure continual compliance and ease the burden at annual QSA audits.

PCI DSS Gap Analysis

Assess your current PCI compliance posture to produce a plan that can be implemented to achieve full compliance with the Standard.

A PCI DSS gap analysis will help your organisation prepare to pass the annual audit. 

PCI DSS Implementation and Continual Improvement

Manage your team’s PCI DSS remediation efforts, delivering cost-effective solutions.

PCI DSS remediation can be both time consuming and resource intensive. A well-structured and proven PCI remediation plan can significantly reduce the time and cost of achieving compliance.

PCI Audit and ROC

Create a fully documented report on compliance (RoC) that is accepted by your business partners.

A RoC is required by organisations with large transaction volumes and must be conducted by a QSA, who will submit a formal report to the PCI Security Standards Council to attest that your organisation complies fully.

How IT Governance can help you

Our services provide a tailored route to PCI compliance, scalable to your budget and needs.

We go further than a simple ‘yes/ no’ approach to understand better how security measures work.

We work in partnership to help you understand what is required and why giving you control.

We can offer expertise to vet compensating controls and determine whether they are acceptable.

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