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CEH Battle Lab – Attentive

CEH Battle Lab – Attentive

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Participate as an attacker or a defender in a ‘pwn the target’ challenge that uses reverse shell exploits, privilege escalation and password cracking.

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CEH Battle Lab – Attentive is the ultimate cyber security challenge that tasks participants with either launching attacks or mounting a steadfast defence in a ‘pwn the target’ scenario. In this intense battle lab, participants will be immersed in a realistic and controlled environment to put their ethical hacking and cyber security defence skills to the test.

As an attacker, your objective is to infiltrate the target system using cunning reverse shell exploits, exploit privilege escalation vulnerabilities and use password-cracking techniques to gain unauthorised access. The challenge is designed to simulate real-world scenarios, allowing attackers to think like malicious hackers, strategise their moves and execute their plans to compromise the target.

As a defender, you’ll be taking on the crucial mission of fortifying the target system against relentless attacks. Armed with a deep understanding of cyber security principles, defenders must rapidly detect and neutralise reverse shell exploits, safeguard against privilege escalation attempts and strengthen passwords to prevent unauthorised access.

‘Attentive’ offers a thrilling and educational hands-on experience, where participants learn from realistic cyber attack and defence scenarios, enabling them to enhance their skills in a controlled environment. The battle lab is facilitated by experienced instructors who provide guidance and feedback, empowering participants to enhance and refine their cyber security strategies.

Whether you choose to be an attacker, exploring the art of ethical hacking, or a defender, honing your cyber security defence skills, ‘Attentive’ challenges participants to push their skills to the limit, think critically and acquire invaluable real-world experience.

Are you prepared to take on the challenge? Will you be the mastermind behind the attack or the unwavering guardian of cyber security defence ? Book this battle now and elevate your expertise to become a certified cyber security expert. The battlefield awaits, and your choices will determine the outcome. The ‘Attentive’ challenge awaits you.

Who should attend this battle?

The battle is designed for cyber security professionals, ethical hackers, IT security specialists and anyone interested in honing their skills. The battle is especially suitable for individuals seeking hands-on experience in realistic cyber attack and defence scenarios.

Potential attendees for the battle include:

  • Penetration testers;
  • Red teamers;
  • SOC (security operations centre) staff;
  • IT security professionals;
  • Network administrators;
  • Information security managers;
  • Cyber security analysts;
  • Students in cyber security;
  • Cyber security enthusiasts; and
  • Cyber security consultants.

The battle provides participants with a unique opportunity to develop their cyber security skills and gain insights into real-world attack and defence strategies. It is a valuable experience for individuals aiming to strengthen their abilities in countering threats and applying red team methodologies. The battle lab fosters learning, collaboration and growth within the cyber security community, preparing participants to tackle the ever-evolving challenges in the cyber security landscape.

What’s included?

  • Instructor-led battle date.
  • Battle voucher with three attempts (one to use for the instructor-led battle).

What equipment do I need?

You’ll need a laptop and a webcam.

Course duration and times

Live Online CET/CEST

  • 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Live Online EET/EEST

  • 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm

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