Free Download: Business Continuity & ISO 22301

Cyber attacks, natural disasters, power failures, industrial action and human error are all risks that have the potential to disrupt business operations. It is imperative that organisations have systems in place that ensure business continuity in the event of a disruptive incident.

This free green paper from IT Governance provides an introduction to business continuity and the development of a robust BCMS (business continuity management system), based on the requirements of the best-practice international standard, ISO 22301.


  • How to protect your organisation with BCM (business continuity management); 
  • ​What implementing an effective BCMS entails;
  • The benefits of adopting the international BCM standard, ISO 22301; 
  • Why a BCMS can help you comply with the upcoming EU legislation;
  • How effective BCM can help you develop a cyber resilient posture; and 
  • The advantages of achieving certification to ISO 22301. 

No business can afford to have its critical services disrupted. Find out how to take appropriate measure that ensure the continuity of functionality in the event of a disruptive incident. 


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