Green IT – the Burning Issue for Business


'Green IT' is the catch-all phrase for sustainable, eco-friendly products, services, practices and management systems used in the information and communications technology sector.

Greater environmental awareness, coupled with pressures from consumers, legislators, and rising fuel costs, is pushing the IT community towards Green IT.

It is becoming increasingly important for all businesses to act (and to be seen to act) in an environmentally responsible manner, both to fulfil their legal and moral obligations, and also to enhance their brand and image.


The Copenhagen influence

Since the Copenhagen Summit the argument for reducing carbon emissions has never been more relevant. Negotiations have captured the attention of people globally and stirred debates amongst world leaders trying to prevent climate change.

IT has not been excluded from the impact of this summit. The necessity to become more ‘Green’ will result in the business case for ‘Green IT’ developing further. Its role in improving IT cost-effectiveness, whilst reducing the organisation's carbon footprint will only get stronger over the years to come.

Make sure you and your IT department are prepared for these impacts by using the following resources to help you understand why and how to make your IT ‘Green’.


The essential ISO 14001 EMS Toolkit

The ISO 14001 EMS Environmental Management System Documentation Toolkit contains a full suite of templates that will help you prepare for and implement an environmental management system (EMS) that complies with ISO 14001, the environmental management system standard.

The policy and procedure templates found in the ISO 14001 EMS environmental management system toolkit are generally applicable, across all industries and virtually every business.

In 2011, this toolkit was named as a Green IT Awards finalist. Visit the Green IT Awards website for more information.


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