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The Security Consultant’s Handbook

The Security Consultant’s Handbook

SKU: 4709
Authors: Richard Bingley
Publishers: ITGP
Format: PDF
ISBN13: 9781849287494
Published: 29 Sep 2015
Availability: Available

Discover essential guidance on how to succeed in the security industry with this captivating book.

  • Unveils approaches to corporate security that are increasingly demanded by employers
  • Distils valuable information about cyber security, protective security, private investigations, legislation and regulations
  • Contains useful case studies and checklists to direct you in your career

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Price: 47,95 €

Essential information for security professionals

With indispensable guidance and inspirational case studies, this essential book sets out a holistic overview for security professionals. Not only will it stimulate fresh ideas for invigorating your career, it will provide new market routes for you to lead your company’s resilience.

Read this book and master these security domains

  • Entrepreneurial practice – Find out more about business intelligence, intellectual property rights, emerging markets, business funding and business networking.
  • Management practice – Understand the security function’s move from basement to boardroom, fitting security into the wider context of organisational resilience and security management leadership.
  • Legislation and regulation – Get to grips with relevant UK and international laws such as the Human Rights Act 1998, the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Geneva Conventions.
  • Private investigations – Learn all about surveillance techniques, tracing missing people, gathering witness statements and evidence, and how surveillance fits in with the law.
  • Information and cyber security – Ascertain why information needs protection, what intelligence and espionage is, cyber security threats, and mitigation approaches such as the ISO 27001 standard for information security management.
  • Protective security – Read through risk assessment methods and person-focused threat assessments, as well as protective security roles, piracy and firearms.
  • Safer business travel – Discover protective approaches to travel security and corporate liability, including government assistance, safety tips, responding to crime and kidnapping.
  • Personal and organisational resilience – Explore workplace initiatives, crisis management, and international standards such as ISO 22320, ISO 22301 and PAS 200l

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Succeed in security

This book provides essential direction for those who want to succeed in security, either individually or as part of a team.

Author Richard Bingley brings to light emerging opportunities and approaches to corporate thinking that are increasingly demanded by employers and buyers in the security market.

This book will help you plug information gaps or provoke new ideas, and become a real-world support tool so you can offer your clients safe, proportionate and value-driven security services.

About the author

Richard Bingley

Richard Bingley is a senior lecturer in security and organisational resilience at Buckinghamshire New University, and co-founder of CSARN, the popular business security advisory network. He has more than fifteen years’ experience in a range of high-profile security and communications roles, including as a close protection operative at London’s 2012 Olympics and in Russia for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. He is a licensed close protection operative in the UK, and holds a postgraduate certificate in teaching and learning in higher education. Richard is the author of two previous books: Arms Trade: Just the Facts (2003) and Terrorism: Just the Facts (2004).

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