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Welcome to IT Governance’s self-paced online training courses. We offer a range of courses, covering the GDPR, ITIL®, and Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH). With all of our courses being certificated or officially endorsed, you can be assured of their relevance and quality.

Discover a cost-effective alternative to traditional classroom-based training with our self-paced online training courses.

Self-paced online training offers the following benefits:

Bite-sized learning

Self-paced online training allows you to learn in easy, manageable chunks.

Test your knowledge

We apply accelerated learning with focused, interactive and instructor-led hands-on training. 

Learning that suits your lifestyle

You can study at a time, place and pace that suits you – no more having to take time out to attend a course.


All our self-paced courses are either certificated or officially endorsed, so you can be assured of their relevance and quality.

Learning support

Our self-paced online training courses come with either learner guides or delegate packs to support your development.


Affordable alternative to traditional classroom-based training, without the additional costs of travel or accommodation.

 Designed by experts

Delivered by experienced consultants, our self-paced online training courses are built on the foundations of our extensive practical experience in delivering governance, risk and compliance support to clients.

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