ITIL Lite: A Road Map to Full or Partial ITIL Implementation - ITIL 2011 Edition

ITIL Lite: A Road Map to Full or Partial ITIL Implementation - ITIL 2011 Edition

Guidance on partial or full ITIL® implementation.

For many different reasons not every organisation can implement the whole of ITIL. This book explains the ins and outs of implementing full or partial ITIL.

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Now aligned with ITIL 2011

ITIL Lite is a step-by-step guide to implementing full or partial ITIL within an organisation. For many reasons, not every organisation can adopt the whole of ITIL, this guide will help organisations who can't adopt the whole of ITIL recognise the key components for implementation. It will also be of use to those looking to adopt the entire ITIL best practice.

This publication is based around a project template to help you prepare for your own ITIL implementation project. Giving you essential titbits of advice that will allow you to succeed in a cost-effective implementation of ITIL.

ITIL Lite is ideal for those departments whose budgets have been reduced but who still want to improve key processes and functions. It will enable them to select the appropriate components of ITIL for their situation, making ITIL relevant to many organisations.

Updated to be fully aligned with the 2011 version of ITIL.

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Key Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal for those organisations who have a limited budget and want to select the parts of ITIL that will quickly impact their organisation. Leading to cost-savings and greater efficiencies.
  • Outlines the challenges of implementing ITIL, helping you to navigate around most of the common pitfalls associated with implementing the framework
  • Provides a step-by-step roadmap to implementing selected components of ITIL, giving clear steps of how to go about achieving maximum ROI.
  • Helps you to scale ITIL according to your particular situation. Making ITIL ideal for whatever environment you operate within.
  • Fully aligned with the 2011 edition of ITIL, making this the first ITIL implementation resource to cover the 2011 edition.

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Author: Malcolm Fry
Publisher: TSO
ISBN 10: 0113313837
ISBN 13: 9780113313839
Format: Softcover
Published Date: 17 October 2012
Availability: In Stock

Acknowledgement of Cabinet Office Copyrights

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