If you recently placed an order and you're wondering why you haven't received it yet...


Please first check whether we’ve dispatched it to you:

  1. Click "Your account"
  2. Click 'My order'
  3. On the next page you should see details of the order you're expecting.
The Order Status will be listed as either:
  • Order acknowledged - This means that your order has not yet entered the dispatching process. This may be because the order has only just reached us.
  • Dispatching soon - This means that your order has been sent to the warehouse, but has not yet been picked and despatched. If you have ordered items with different availabilities (e.g. one item is in stock, but another item is available in 4-6 weeks) for normal delivery everything will be sent to you when the entire order is ready. If you have asked for express delivery, we will part deliver items.
  • Dispatched - This means that your order has left our warehouse, and is on its way to you. Despite our best efforts, there can sometimes be unforeseen delivery delays.