Services for Training Course Delegates from Outside the UK


Delegates from all round the world attend IT Governance Ltd. training courses.

We have developed a range of services and assistance to enable non-UK residents to easily attend professional training courses inside the UK.

If you can’t find the answer to any question you have in the list of FAQs below, please e-mail with details of your query.



Q. I am an EU national - will I need a visa to attend a professional training course in the UK?
A. No. All EU nationals can travel freely to the UK and, therefore, do not require a visa.

Q. I am from outside the EU – will I need a visa to attend a professional training course in the UK?

A. That depends – use the official UK Border Agency questionnaire ( to find out if you do need a visa.

Q. I do need a visa – what sort of visa do I need?

A. There is detailed guidance available on visa application forms and the visa application process here: If you are attending a training course arranged through IT Governance Ltd, you are likely to need either a general visa or a business visa. You DO NOT need an academic visa; our courses are short, professional training courses which range from one to five days. They are not classed as academic study and you should, therefore, not apply for an academic visa. You DO NOT need a Tier 4 sponsor in the UK in order to apply for a standard or business visa.

Q. What support does IT Governance give delegates who have to apply for a visa?

A. The most important item you will need from us is a letter of support, confirming the details of the course that you are attending.

Q. Do I need a special visa for a training course?

A. General or business visas are acceptable for non-EU delegates to attend short professional training courses, because – as stated above - our courses range from one to five days, and, therefore, do not meet the threshold for the provider to be a Tier 4 sponsor as per instruction from the UK Border Agency.

Q. How do I get a visa?

A. Usually, this will involve making an application at your local British Embassy. Detailed guidance on how to apply for a visa is available on the UK Border Agency website: As well as the documentation described in the visa application form, you will usually also need to provide a formal letter from us, confirming that you are attending the course. We are allowed to send you such a letter as soon as we have your confirmed (invoiced and/or paid) booking for your course.

Q. What about hotel accommodation?

A. Our training team can help you source the most convenient hotels, close to the training centre(s) and/or to major transportation networks. They can provide all the specific details you will require to ensure the booking meets your needs.

Q. What about transportation from the airport to the hotel, and from the hotel to the training venue?

A. We can also provide details on the wide range of transportation available: ranging from which underground station is nearest to your airport terminal to the telephone numbers of reputable minicab firms to meet you. Whether it be, planes, trains or cars, we can find the best fit for your needs.

Q. Can I do more than one course while I am in the UK?

A. Of course. If you are looking to undertake more than one course on your stay, we can help you find back-to-back training courses at the most convenient locations. This will help ensure you maximise your stay in the UK. We can also liaise with exam boards for clarification on prerequisites for exam courses, and confirmation on the time it takes for delegates to receive results – particularly where attendance on the second course is dependent on the results of the first.

Q. Can IT Governance Ltd. make all the necessary hotel and transport bookings on my behalf?

A. Yes, we do this for a number of our delegates. While we are not a travel agent, we can make hotel and transportation bookings in your name. You will usually need to provide us with credit card details, or payment by bank transfer, in order for us to do this for you, and our booking service is subject to a small additional fee.

Q. Do I need strong English language skills to attend the course?

A. All IT Governance Ltd. public training courses are delivered in English. In order to thoroughly interact during your time on the course and gain maximum benefit from it, you will need proficient written and spoken English skills.

If you are interested in our training team helping you organise your training course booking, please e-mail your details to the, or call us on 00 800 48 484 484