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COBIT® 5 for Risk

COBIT® 5 for Risk

SKU: 4364
Publishers: ISACA
Format: Softcover
Pages: 244
Published: 09 Dec 2013
Availability: In Stock

Learn how you can effectively manage IT risk to drive better organisational performance by linking information and technology risk to the attainment of strategic objectives using COBIT® 5.

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This official title from ISACA, the originators of the COBIT 5 framework, shows you can employ COBIT 5 to effectively manage IT risk by linking information and technology risk to the attainment of an organisation's strategic objectives.

COBIT 5 for Risk provides

  • All stakeholders with a clear and current view of the current state and risk impact throughout the organisation.
  • Advice and guidance on how to manage IT risks to levels and includes an extensive set of metrics.
  • Insights on how you can establish and develop an appropriate risk culture within an organisation.
  • A methodology for undertaking quantitative risk assessments that will enable you to understand he costs associated with mitigation and the required resources against the loss of exposure.
  • Details on how you can integrate IT risk management with enterprise risk management.
  • You with details of how you can improve communication and understanding amongst all internal and external stakeholders.

If you want to grasp how COBIT 5 can help you to effectively manage risk, buy this book!

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