Penetration testing packages

IT Governance’s recurring penetration testing packages provide a complete security testing solution for your websites and IT systems. IT Governance is a pioneer in making penetration testing easy to understand and buy. While significant skills are required to carry out effective penetration testing, we believe that our customers should be able to quickly understand what they are buying and how much it will cost.


Reduce costs and get accurate results with expert testing

IT Governance has developed two levels of penetration testing to align with your business requirements, your budget and the value you assign to the assets you intend to test. These levels apply to testing for applications or internal or external networks:

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Level 1 penetration testing solutions

A level 1 penetration test is suitable for organisations that want to identify the common exploitable weaknesses targeted by opportunistic attackers using freely available, automated attack tools. Our fixed-cost packages are ideal for small and medium-sized organisations, or those with no prior experience of security testing.



Level 2 penetration tests

A level 2 penetration test simulates an attack executed by a skilled, patient attacker that has targeted a specific organisation. This level is typically reserved for those systems that require the highest level of assurance, where a compromise could result in critical impact. This level of testing supports most compliance standards and is typically required for applications and infrastructure that handle sensitive information.


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