Yahoo confirms 2013 data breach affected all three billion user accounts

After an investigation, Yahoo has confirmed that a data breach that occurred in 2013 affected all of its three billion user accounts. The breach was disclosed in December 2016 and Yahoo acknowledged that more than one billion accounts had likely been affected. Yahoo took action to protect all accounts, requiring all users to change their passwords and making unencrypted security questions invalid.

In a statement issued on 3 October, the extent of the hack was revealed by Oath, Yahoo’s Verizon-owned parent company.

The statement confirmed: “The investigation indicates that the user account information that was stolen did not include passwords in clear text, payment card data, or bank account information. The company is continuing to work closely with law enforcement.”

Chandra McMahon, Verizon’s chief information security officer, added: “Verizon is committed to the highest standards of accountability and transparency, and we proactively work to ensure the safety and security of our users and networks in an evolving landscape of online threats. Our investment in Yahoo is allowing that team to continue to take significant steps to enhance their security, as well as benefit from Verizon’s experience and resources.”


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