Would you work with a firm that had suffered a data breach?

According to new research found by Iron Mountain and PwC, the majority of firms in Europe are wary of working with companies in the UK that have suffered a data breach.

Whilst 68% of respondents recognised how important a responsible attitude towards data protection is when it comes to business success, 47% admitted to their board not viewing data protection as a big issue.

41% of the firms asked realised that data loss was an inevitable part of day-to-day business life, yet a large part still showed mistrust towards companies that have been breached in the past.

Data breaches and information loss can damage customer confidence and lead to reputational damage. For these reasons, it is important that organisations implement recognised and renowned policies and procedures to secure their customers information.

ENISA, the European Network and Information Security Agency, advises organisations to implement an information security management system (ISMS) in line with ISO 27001 (the international information security standard):

“It’s recommended to take notice of the standard and use it as much as feasible. It gives an organisation all best practices and guidance to organize information security in all aspects, therefore giving the constituents, when implemented, the assurance that all information is handled secure.”

ISO 27001 is the best practice specification that helps businesses and organisations throughout the world to develop an ISMS, reducing the risk of them suffering a data breach and losing confidential information. A copy of the standard can be downloaded here.

IT Governance is the one-stop-shop for ISO 27001. They publish books and documentation toolkits, deliver industry leading training courses (public and in-house), and have end-to-end consultancy support for businesses throughout Europe that can be tailored to specific needs.

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