Will you survive a data breach?

Over the past year or so, the narrative surrounding cyber security has moved from ‘will I be targeted by an attack?’ to ‘will I survive when an attack comes?’

This is mostly because the number of cyber attacks has skyrocketed. According to Gemalto’s Breach Level Index, there was a 72% increase in the number of breached records over the past year. It estimates that there are currently more than 6 million records breached each day. That equates to about 260,000 every hour, 4,400 every minute and 73 every second.

But that’s not the only factor. Organisations have taken the threat of cyber attacks on board and educated themselves about how information security works. They understand that cyber criminals usually target vulnerabilities rather than specific organisations, meaning anyone can be a victim. They understand that breaches can be caused by malicious insiders or human error, meaning there’s a threat even if your perimeter is secure. And they understand that it’s impossible to eradicate every risk, meaning that it’s essential to be prepared for when disaster strikes.


Surviving a breach

Although data breaches are a rising threat, a security incident doesn’t necessarily spell disaster. If you have a plan for how to respond, it’s possible to reduce the impact, continue to operate and experience little to no reputational damage.

You can find out how prepared you are for a data breach by taking our quiz. We’ll score your breach readiness, provide a detailed summary of your answers, and offer advice to help you raise your score and improve your defences.

We also have a range of tailored tools and services designed to help you survive a breach. If you’d like more information or a consultation, please contact one of our experts.

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