Why you should adopt ISO 27001

A version of this blog was originally published on 13 June 2018 

With cyber attacks and data breaches on the rise, organisations are making information security a top priority. Many have chosen to tackle the risk with the help of an ISMS (information security management system)

An ISMS is a system of documents, technology and people-management processes that helps organisations manage, monitor and improve their information security practices in one place. 

ISO 27001 is the international standard that describes best practice for an ISMS. Organisations that implement its requirements will see benefits for business and their employees. Want to know how? 

ISO 27001 is good for business 

An ISO 27001-compliant ISMS can help your organisation in several ways. First, it enhances your organisation’s structure and focus by clearly setting out who is responsible for various information security risks. 

It also protects and improves your reputation, proving to customers that you take information security seriously and are doing everything you can to keep data secure. 

Even if you do suffer a data breach, regulators show leniency to organisations that have certified to ISO 27001 because they are able to demonstrate that they are following information security best practices. 

ISO 27001 is good for employees 

The most obvious employee benefit of ISO 27001 is that it mitigates the risk of data breaches, which are often very costly and can threaten jobs. This isn’t necessarily because the organisation needs to balance the cost of responding to a breach (although it’s a possibility), but because of the reputational damage caused by a security incident. Customers and third parties might stop working with the organisation, slowly reducing profits and forcing the organisation to scale back. 

Similarly, if employees follow ISO 27001’s guidance, the organisation won’t be able to blame them for a data breach. This ensures that senior staff fully investigate the reason for the breach instead of scapegoating an employee, who may have been doing everything that they should have. 

Adopting the Standard also gives employees more confidence when sharing their personal details with HR. Organisations hold a lot of employee information, so staff will be relieved to know that their personal data is being protected in line with best practice. 

Getting started with ISO 27001 

We’re helping organisations realise the benefits of ISO 27001 by offering a seven-day free trial of our ISO 27001 Starter Bundle.  

The package contains three essential resources to help you address your staff training, risk assessments and documentation requirements. We show you exactly what you need to do to meet these three core components of the Standard, and provide the tools to help you put your implementation project into motion. 

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